Marie Antoinette_detail

The linework and countless dots that make Mortis Comoedia is indeed challenging enough and always makes my drawing hand ache. And still I couldn’t resist this old idea of mine to to make a series of graphic portraits and compositions in ink… this morbid portrait of France’s martyred queen was intended to be the first one. (It seems fitting somehow that she is still viewed in black-or-white by her detractors as well as her admirers – without all the shades of grey that make a real person.) It came into my mind several years ago, but the composition turned out to be a struggle, mainly due to the fact that actual guillotines have a very peculiar and longish shape. In February this year it all seemed to fall into place at last, and today – at least three months and millions or even billions of ink dots later it is finally finished.

Marie Antoinette_b

But not before I put the last hand at Le Soleil Couchant (Sundown) below, which I did in March.

le soleil couchant 2

For some reason, Her Majesty – well known for being a very impatient artist’s model back in her day – refused to sit for me before I had finished this memorial piece for her era… 😉