Meet Aurora

Aurora Walderhaug

Photo: Bo Strömberg

Shadows of the WorldAurora Walderhaug is a fabulously Gothic graphic artist best known for her signature Grim Reaper character. Mortis Comoedia is a collection of her wonderful strips featuring the hilarious antics of her very own version of Death. Captivating, witty, and laced with wonderful puns, word plays, and illustrations, Aurora’s strips are a real treat for anyone who enjoys the dark and has a slightly twisted sense of humour.

A native of Sweden, Aurora’s Reaper character has been channelled through her pencil in one form or another almost all her life – though it’s current, comic strip form, didn’t really take shape until early 2006.

The aesthetic style of the strips can be described as a marriage between the Scandinavian-produced, black and white version of The Phantom, from the 1980s, and old master engravings of centuries past.