Right before the closing of this cold winter day I realised that I had completely forgotten that it was Shrove Tuesday, the day when we’re supposed to gorge ourselves on semla buns and similar kinds of lovely fatty pastries all over Northern Europe… Well, since this delicacy can be enjoyed in the Swedish confectioneries and cafés throughout the whole winter these days (much to the annoyance to the traditionalists) I guess I will make up for that tomorrow. Anyway, at the last minute I succumbed to the temptation to write a somewhat predictable post just to get an excuse to show you this rather silly image of the only person that, to my knowledge, has dropped down dead after an excessive intake of semla buns. (Even though most of my Swedish readers have heard about it to death by now.)

King Adolf Fredrik of Sweden, 1710-1771 (the 18th century equivalent of semla looked nothing like this, being just a bun served in a bowl of warm milk, but still..) Picture source: Mentalfloss.com

And of course also to get an excuse to end the day singing along to this great anthem of old school Swedish death metal. LALALALALALA!!