Skelettjulkort 2013_klipp

Those of you who happen to be in Stockholm tomorrow (that remote place far up north) – make sure to get your arse to Serieteket, the comic library in Kulturhuset at Sergels Torg. (It’s easy to find, it’s probably the ugliest concrete box in the city centre with “KULTURHUSET” written in red letters across the wall. 😉 ) There will be a Christmas fair and an IRL release party for Mortis Comoedia beginning at 12 and ending at 6 pm. This is of course a great opportunity to get your hands on a signed copy of Mortis Comoedia (NB! Limited quantity available) and also Nekromani, but I will sell LOTS of other awesome stuff there as well. Art prints, posters, bookmarks, handmade cards, christmas baubles, some jewellery and… even more.

DSCN2574 DSCN2530 bathory necklace

Hope to see you there! :-)