Mortis Comoedia by Aurora Walderhag

A Collection of Dark Comics to Tickle Your Humerus

From Swedish sensation Aurora Walderhaug...
  • Over eighty pages of original art...
  • Darkly humerus comic strips...
  • Fiendishly funny illustrations...
  • Witty puns...
  • Amusing antics...
  • Deadly satire...

The Perfect Addition to any Gothic Enthusiast’s Collection

Mortis Comoedia collects the very best of Aurora’s signature Grim Reaper character and his friends.
Mortis Comoedia

What The Readers Are Saying

Joel CornahSci-Fi & Fantasy Network
From the ridiculous to the macabre, this is perfect for anyone with a love for the silly side of death. Beautifully drawn, dark and atmospheric, but will still have you giggling all the way.
Honour ThompsonAuthor, Willow, Weep No More
Stunning cartoons and artwork that captures dry, dark humour perfectly. Mortis Comoedia is a must-have collection for any fan of The Grim Reaper!
Carl Martinez,Reader
Refreshing designs. Love the line art, each frame is descriptive. Once you figure out there are no words it becomes very atmospheric.
Jordan Levi Rowland,Reader
Simplistically complex with some great art.
Lady MacbethAltvenger Magazine
Melancholy is sometimes a choice and Aurora´s Reaper seems to put the whimsy back in melancholy. Whether he is wearing lingerie or high heels or seems to be peeking through unsuspecting ladies´ windows, he always does it with his usual dose of enticing humour! ... Miss Walderhaug is not only a brilliant artist but a vivid comedian ... If you do not mind having a chuckle or two on death´s expense, check out this awesome comic series done by a talented lady and support her delightfully morbid Grim Reaper as he tries to get back his bones from a mischievous pug.
Carly BrownReader
A mischievous and macabre collection of adventures mirroring to us the fact that, consequences notwithstanding, there's a little bit of Death in all of us.
Emma Martinex,Reader
Lovely book - there is a pug! The Death Selfie is AMAZING!!!