Roses, lilies… and guillotine blades

Marie Antoinette_detail

The linework and countless dots that make Mortis Comoedia is indeed challenging enough and always makes my drawing hand ache. And still I couldn’t resist this old idea of mine to to make a series of graphic portraits and compositions in ink… this morbid portrait of France’s martyred queen was intended to be the first one. (It seems fitting…

What the hell?!


Satan is happy! (Sneak peeks from my latest strip, finished just the other day…)  

Some live drawing action


Me in action at this weekend’s  live drawing concert with Klubb Spontan at Serieteket in Stockholm…    More photos and a film clip can be viewed on Serieteket’s Instagram page.

Death by Semla


Right before the closing of this cold winter day I realised that I had completely forgotten that it was Shrove Tuesday, the day when we’re supposed to gorge ourselves on semla buns and similar kinds of lovely fatty pastries all over Northern Europe… Well, since this delicacy can be enjoyed in the Swedish confectioneries and…

Dawning, osteology and live drawing


All right, I’m back – Christmas (has it been two months already?), life and the fact that Wordpress is not quite as easy to manage as they say has put me off lately. Anyway: despite my recent inactivity online, interesting things have been going on lately… Firstly, I’ve been featured in the comic podcast Hög…

New interview / ny intervju!

Heedless Horseman cover2

A new interview with me (alongside fellow Swedish artists Loka Kanarp and Johan Egerkrans among others) on the subject of horror in comics and illustration was just featured in the latest issue of Tecknaren – the official magazine for Svenska Tecknare, the association of Swedish illustrators and graphic designers. I even had the honour of…

A shining light in the Northern darkness

Lussi b 2

Happy St Lucy’s day everyone! Here’s a nice and fresh drawing for you in celebration of one of the most important, and also quite bizarre, holidays in Sweden.   Wearing a crown of lit candles on your head is bizarre to start with (not only because you get a lot of candle wax stuck in…

Christmas fair & IRL release party in Stockholm!

Skelettjulkort 2013_klipp

Those of you who happen to be in Stockholm tomorrow (that remote place far up north) – make sure to get your arse to Serieteket, the comic library in Kulturhuset at Sergels Torg. (It’s easy to find, it’s probably the ugliest concrete box in the city centre with “KULTURHUSET” written in red letters across the…

Metalhead memories: Skid Row

DSCN2675 b

Today I am wearing one of my oldest and most precious treasures from my band shirt collection, to honour the fact that on this day it’s been… well, a helluva lot of years since I attended my first Skid Row gig, with LA Guns (another great band!) as the opening act, in Gothenburg. This also…

New merch to get you into the Christmas spirit!

While I’m not a great fan of Christmas (quite the opposite to be frank), I still find some childish delight in Christmas crafting, especially when I get the chance to make handmade cards and glittering baubles with a silly, thong-clad skeleton on them! So I made the best out of the season by filling my…